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Giving Hope To Dogs & People In Need Since 2012

Tail tucked between your legs

Confusion in your eyes-

I know it's hard to understand

that someones heard your cries.

When loneliness is all you know

and pain is all you feel

and no one can be trusted, 

and hungers all too real...

That's the time the Lord see's you

and let's you know he's there.

That's when he sends his messengers

the hearts that love and care.

Yes rescuers are angels

you cannot see their wings

they keep them neatly folded

as they do their caring things.

The medicine to make you well,

good food to make you strong

and finally to help you learn

that hugs are never wrong!

The perfect place then must be found 

the home where you can live

secure and safe and happy

with joy to get and give.

When you reach your furever home,

your place to feel whole,

the angels smile, and off they go

to save another soul.

-Author Unkown-

Are you or someone you know looking/struggling to find pet friendly housing? THERE IS HELP! Zumper is a site for finding pet friendly housing in many cities accross Canada & The US. Many families struggle to find homes that will accomodate all their members, unfortunately this is when they have no choice but to give up their furry loved family members! Please check it out or pass it along!

Here is a link to the ultimate pet guide to further assist!



Adopting a dog is a life time commitment.

We will not adopt out our dogs on a first come first serve basis but rather on a best fit. As a result, we reserve the right to deny an adoption application.

Please review our adoption qualifications prior to submitting an adoption application to ensure you qualify.





HLH would like to thank our sponsors. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!! Without your ongoing support and food donations, we couldn't help so many animals in need!