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What Does It Take To Be A Foster Home? 

Without foster homes we cannot rescue dogs in need. Fostering is simple and free: we provide each foster with all the supplies, veterinary care, and 24/7 support.


We are currently looking for foster homes in YOUR area!!

Fostering an animal is one of many ways you can help improve the lives of homeless pets and strays. We rely a great deal on Fosters.  There is just not enough facilities to house them all. Shelters are not always ideal either, many animals don't do well in shelters. It can be very stressful and behaviors can pop up. Benefits of placing an animal into a Foster home gives these animals a head start. It gives an opportunity to teach them and guide them into trusting the love and care they will be provided! You are their first taste into stability, warmth, guidance and love. 

you are giving these dogs a chance at life, and saving them from the dangers of being homeless and alone. We can't thank you enough for considering the amazing and fulfilling world of fostering. 


Adopting a dog is a life time commitment.

We will not adopt out our dogs on a first come first serve basis but rather on a best fit. As a result, we reserve the right to deny an adoption application.

Please review our adoption qualifications prior to submitting an adoption application to ensure you qualify.





HLH would like to thank our sponsors. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!! Without your ongoing support and food donations, we couldn't help so many animals in need!